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July 8, 2009
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Courfeyrac Glomps Marius by ColonelDespard Courfeyrac Glomps Marius by ColonelDespard
"All flocked around Marius. Courfeyrac flung himself on his neck."

The immediate post "I'll blow everything up!" scene.

Random barricade barrel now included!

Even Enjolras thinks Courfeyrac is being adorable. He's holding off his "Marius-You're-The-Chief" line until Courfeyrac lets Marius go.

Yeah, there are lots of issues with this one. I haven't done illustrations in years, and was never very good at it. Barely competant if I don't have the right source images to work from.
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DashieMoulinRouge Apr 6, 2013  Student Writer
So cute! ^^
Annathelle26 Mar 16, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Their faces are amazing, and so is your shading!:heart::D
a-northern-lad Jan 20, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Hey, is it okay if I put this on my Marius/Courfeyrac ship blog? I'll put credit in the post and a click-through link to you on the picture!
No worries! Go ahead :)
One of my favourite parts of the book. this is very cute. :D
dfgdsfljkfdfsjkjl love this. So much.

...specially love how Courfeyrac can't even wait til Marius has put down the flaming torch to glomp him :))
So glad you like - yes, flaming torches are no obstacle to a Courfeyrac intent on a hug.
Aww, I love this scene...and I wanted to ask: what kind of pencils do you use? As in, how dark? Mine go to 6B, which I hardly use, as a matter of fact and probably should...okay, I'm going to haul out the big guns for my pictures now. *toddles off*
Thanks, Bramble! I have a set ranging from some of the low Hs up to 9B, but rarely venture that far. It seems the better the quality of the paper, the more I'm leaning towards the harder pencils. I have a terrible tendency to get smudgy, so the softer pencils can get a bit dangerous with me. I used to do the bulk of everything in a standard 2B and then build up areas, usually with the 4 - 6Bs, but these days seem to be leaning more heavily on HB or even H before getting into the softer pencils. The HBs are wearing down the fastest these days.

I'm self taught and my technical skills are lacking, so take anything I say with caution!
*nodnod* My set goes to 6B, but I rarely go that dark either. I like sharper pencils *pats mechanical .5 pencil* but my paper is kind of soft so the softer pencils don't cut into it quite as much.

Hey, I've found that self-taught is often the best way to go! *is also self-taught* XD
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